About Us

One day, we were sitting around dishing over a video of a kitten playing with a panda, and we looked up to see a unicorn standing at the end of a rainbow. It said to us, “The people need cute tees.” And we knew what we had to do. We needed to start a club of exclusive cuteness.

Okay, maybe we have overactive imaginations…but at least it led us to Cute of the Month! We know we can’t deliver adorable pandas and kittens to your doorstep each month, but we can deliver exclusive tees! We're like the storks of cute tee delivery. And our 100% cotton tees are just as soft and cuddly as the cute characters on them! So, whether you're feeling kinda cute, really cute, or baby-goat-sneezing cute, we've got a membership that’s right for you! Plus, you'll get free shipping at TeeTurtle.com during your subscription. Squeee!

Subscribe today and surround yourself in cuddly cuteness!

Next month's Cute of the Month package ships January 1st!